Worst and Funniest Domain Names: Best of the Worst

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By : Dipak Singh

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Your website name is the first factor anyone sees online. You always try to find the best domain name for your business or website to rank high. But what if you add some funny name to your website name? Here, I’m sharing a list of the worst funny domain names that can boggle anyone’s mind.

Finding the best domain name for your business or website is crucial, and a domain name is just as important as the name of your business. Your domain name should be simple and catchy.

Some tips are widely recommended before choosing a domain name for your business or website. You never know when you might get lucky enough to land a domain name that could fetch millions of dollars like these expensive domain names.

Sometimes people make mistakes, and even after grabbing a good domain name, it ends up sounding ridiculous, or the name has more than one meaning.

I’m here with some of the funniest domain names ever. I’m sure it will make you laugh for a while.

Check out all the names carefully, and don’t repeat the same mistakes they made before.

Worst and funny domain names to laugh out loud

Now get ready to laugh out loud at these website’s domain names, and most of these website names are legitimate business websites.

So this will give you one more reason to laugh about these website domain names.

1. Penisland.net: It’s hard to believe what the founder of the Pen Island Company was thinking when choosing this name for the company. I’m sure you laughed at this domain when you saw their site is different than you thought.

But they meant pen only.

2. Whorepresents.com: What do you think users will be searching for under the domain name “whorepresents.com”? This website is in no way a gift to sex service providers. Actually, the site is a database of the representatives of celebrities.

Instead of “Whore presents” they committed the site to be “Who represents”.

3. Therapistlocator.net: This is another funny domain name that can blow your mind. What would you read at first sight, maybe “The rapist locator”, but actually they meant “Therapist locator”.

4. Speedofart.com: It sounds like they measure the speed of a fart, but here they meant “Speed of art”. That’s it.

5. Expertsexchange.com: It means “Experts exchange” not the other one.

6. Wintersexpress.com: It is a news website name that is called “Winters Express”.

7. Bigbustycoons.com: Sounds like “Big busty coons” but the actual meaning is “Big bus tycoons”.

8. Dicksondata.com: Sounds dirty but they meant “Dickson data”

9. Mp3shits.com: I’m sure they mean to focus on “Mp 3s Hits”. And the domain name mp3shits.com is for sale.

10. Ladrape.com: Eww, weird, but don’t think wrong. It means “La drape” only. And this domain name is listed for sale (at the time of writing this article).

11. Kidsexchange.net: Kids Exchange

12. Teacherstalk.com: They mean only “Teachers talk”. And this domain is available for sale.

Almost endless list

These examples can be continued like this:

  • Theplasticsexchange.com: The plastics exchange
  • Itscrap.com: “IT scrap” or “It’s crap”?
  • Hireatease.com: Hire at ease
  • Tits.ac.in: This website is an educational institute and changed its domain to titsbhiwani.ac.in
  • Masterbaitonline.com: Matser bait & tackle
  • Bendover.com: Ben Dover
  • Bitefartcafe.rs: Bitef art cafe
  • Dollarsexchange.com: Dollars exchange

What do you first think of when you hear domain names like Penisland.net, Whorepresents.com, or Speedofart.com?


So these are some of the live websites with funny domain names. In my opinion, these websites are very clever, and they did this intentionally to gain popularity.

They got publicity by their funny and double-meaning name. More people visited their site and got enough exposure and pageview through social media sites and articles like this.

There is no doubt that Pen Island fooled most people. If you go to their website and see the content of the site, you will realize that it is a joke.

And other sites such as Whorepresents.com, Speedofart.com, and Therapistlocator.net are not far behind in gaining publicity by their names.

If you know of more websites with funny names, please let me know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to share this worst website names list with your friends on social media.

See you in the next post.

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  3. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud while reading this blog post! It’s fascinating how some domain names can unintentionally turn into hilarious or cringe-worthy combinations. The examples you shared truly highlight the importance of careful consideration when choosing a domain name. It’s a great reminder that while creativity is important, this is equally essential to ensure that the chosen domain name represents the brand or business professionally and memorably. Thank you for sharing these entertaining and cautionary tales of domain name failures. 😄🌐

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  4. These truly made me laugh. Thanks for sharing this entertaining post!

  5. That is funny. You definitely have to give some thought to a domain name.

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