Know more About Me

About me

Howdy, folks!

My name is Dipak Singh, and I’m a WordPress enthusiast & blogger from India. I’m passionate about creating helpful articles that work best for new bloggers. My motivation behind everything I do is to help you grow.

I believe that your success is my success.

I like to do

I love to learn anything that makes me curious, like coding, web designing, and more. Web designing and coding are the fun parts for me. But, indeed, I’m not a professional web developer.

But today, website designing is pretty simple using CMS like WordPress.

What I’m doing

I like to help beginners to fix their WordPress or blogging issues, and you would not believe that it makes me happy. I’m constantly trying my best to cover all the tutorials and guides for WordPress and blogging that will be best helpful for you.

If you have any WordPress or blogging issues and are struggling to fix them, you can contact me without hesitation.

What are you struggling with?

What matters here – how can I help you?

I can help you set up your WordPress blog. Most beginner bloggers get stuck with bloated plugins and themes to find the best one. Actually, they have less knowledge about which one is best.

In that case, I will help you choose the best plugin and theme for your blog site and adequately set up your WordPress blog.